Client onboarding template

The perfect client onboarding template

So you’ve just won a new client (yay!) — now what?

Start your client relationship the right the way by providing a thorough, professional and friendly new client onboarding experience.

Ensure that every new client gets the VIP treatment and attention they deserve by using our new client onboarding checklist template to help your team get things off to the right start.

Using our client onboarding template, you can give new clients a great first impression of your agency, build stronger client relationships from the get-go, and provide winning client and customer experiences that make them want to come back again and again.

What is a client onboarding checklist?

A client onboarding checklist is a set of steps that client service businesses can follow to successfully bring a new client into the fold.

The goal of a client onboarding checklist is to arm businesses with a framework that is simple to use and replicate so that every new client receives the same positive experience.

There are many ways of structuring a client onboarding checklist, but some of the most common items include:

  • Welcome and introduction: Sending a welcome email introducing key team members and points of contact

  • Documents and contracts: Collecting and reviewing all necessary legal documents and contracts

  • Account setup: Setting up client accounts and providing access to shared platforms and tools

  • Communication: Clarifying communication channels, protocols, and expectations

  • Project timelines and milestones: Outlining deliverables and deadlines for key projects and tasks

  • Billing and payments: Setting up billing accounts and explaining payment terms as outlined in the contract

  • Review and evaluation: Scheduling a post-onboarding review session to assess client satisfaction

Benefits of using our client onboarding checklist template

With our client onboarding template, you can make every new client feel like your most important client.

From creating tailored onboarding experiences that give you a strong foundation to work from, to helping new clients feel confident that your agency was the right choice, we've got you covered.

Here are just some of the benefits of using our client onboarding template.

Take the stress out of client onboarding

With so many moving parts and things to remember, onboarding a new client can be stressful. Our client onboarding template enables you to plan, manage, and get real-time updates on both individual and team tasks, ensuring you have full visibility over your actions.

Create a seamless (and repeatable) onboarding experience

Manage the entire client onboarding process from setting up the cadence for weekly meetings, to sending a welcome pack, to kicking off your first project together - all in one place. Easily adapt the template to suit the requirements of different clients and projects, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel every time.

Build longer-lasting client relationships

Use our client onboarding template to capture details about your client’s workflows and preferences so you can tailor how you work together. Keep track of the status of onboarding tasks and give teams and clients free access to the template so everyone stays one the same page.

Improve your efficiency

Quickly see where each client is in the onboarding process, what’s left to be done, and which team members still have bandwidth to take on new clients — so you can keep growing your business. Log estimated and actual time so you can see where the biggest bottlenecks are and make improvements.

Reduce churn with our client onboarding template
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How to use our client onboarding checklist template

Your teams will love using our new client onboarding checklist template because it is simple to use and can be quickly customized to fit their needs.

The template is populated with a range of common onboarding tasks that can be edited, removed, or expanded to incorporate every step you need to create a great first impression. You can assign tasks to teams or individuals, create subtasks, set due dates and priority levels, track time, and so much more.

You can also pick from a range of views including lists, boards, and tables. It's completely flexible and can be adapted to fit how you work and not the other way around.

Client onboarding template - FAQs

What is client onboarding, and why is it crucial for businesses?

Client onboarding is the process through which a business welcomes and integrates a new client into its products or services. It is vital for creating a positive first impression, reducing client churn, and maximizing revenue potential.

How does a client onboarding checklist streamline the onboarding process?

A client onboarding checklist streamlines the onboarding process by providing a standardized and organized approach to integrating new clients. It serves as a roadmap for the business and client, ensuring that key steps are taken in a timely manner.

What should be included in a client onboarding template?

A client onboarding template should include everything you need to get a client setup, settled in, and ready to work with you. Our free template contains a detailed onboarding checklist, including arranging client access requirements, setting up weekly meetings, signing contracts, sharing weekly updates, and more.

How does a customer onboarding template contribute to a positive client experience?

A customer onboarding template contributes to a positive client experience by fostering clear communication, consistency, efficiency, personalization, and engagement. When clients feel supported, informed, and empowered during the onboarding process, it sets the stage for a successful and enduring relationship with the business.

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