Integrated operations control and easy client management for IT services

Optimize workstreams, automate manual tasks, track profits, and securely centralize your client work tech stack.


Project and resource management for all types of IT services challenges

Challenge: How IT services can do more in less time

Optimize resources, streamline comms, and drive profits

Make the most of your team's time

By easily comparing estimated to actual hours to better plan and resource future projects.

Improve client workflow

By centralizing comms so you can better manage ongoing client work and reduce manual tasks.

Stay profitable, always

With custom budgets that set rates for each team member and track money spent on each project.

Keep your clients in the know (or at least as much as you want them to be).

"Our clients love how gives them real-time visibility into how their projects are progressing, especially once they see they don’t have to wait for an email or phone call to know what’s happening."

Colum Buckley

Director of Operations, Strencom

"A linchpin in our operational infrastructure"

We're a small team of developers that has been using Teamwork for a couple of years.

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"Makes managing implementations easy and professional"

If you're in the services industry or ERP game, this product is great to ease your daily task logging and control requirements.

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"A really great organizational tool for virtual teams!"

We use the tool for development of websites and we're able to create new projects really easily.

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"A fantastic cross-department planning tool"

It will change the whole way you manage your business and break down any e-mail silo wal

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