Why choose Teamwork.com over Basecamp?

Teamwork.com offers flexibility, structure, and clarity so you can scale your work, no matter what size your team grows to.

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If you want a flexible project management tool that allows you to work the way you want, then Teamwork is the solution for you. Reduce the complexity of collaboration, scale high performance deliberately and do it all with the flexibility to work the way you want. Whether you prefer to structure your work with linear task lists or see it represented visually with boards, Teamwork has it all.

Basecamp is great if you need an enhanced to-do list, but it doesn’t offer the robust features and flexibility your team needs to deliver more complex projects. Teamwork is a rounded system that offers you more options to plan, structure, and manage your workload, giving your team the freedom to work their way — without limitations.

If you have a number of projects, Teamwork keeps everything organized, including recurring tasks which we use on all of our projects. It’s like a combo of Basecamp, Todoist but better than them both.

Eric P Eric P
CEO and Developer

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We’ve built an importer to make it easy for you to make the switch to Teamwork. With just a couple of clicks, you can import all your data from Basecamp.

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Overall Quality

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Superb project management tool with so many interesting features

Martha Batruny, IT Manager, Perficient

I would say Teamwork is the easiest way of setting up new tasks as well as projects. It also helps me in managing my whole team and monitoring various activities. It enables the users to work happily and comfortably on different projects. Moreover, it helps us in creating schedule and set up other priorities too.

Comments (Benefits)

Overall Teamwork is entirely a very useful product which is equally helpful for both small as well as medium companies. So it is highly recommended to others.

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Why choose Teamwork.com over Trello?

See the metrics that matter for your project.

Why choose Teamwork.com over Asana?

Deliver projects for teams of all sizes with Teamwork.com.

Why choose Teamwork.com over Monday.com?

Organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

Why choose Teamwork.com over Wrike?

Essential features like invoicing and reports are missing.

Why choose Teamwork.com over MS Planner?

Teamwork.com provides more power to achieve your goals.

Why choose Teamwork.com over Clickup?

Execute on multiple large projects at scale

Why choose Teamwork.com over Smartsheet?

Teamwork.com offers more than spreadsheet functionality

Why choose Teamwork.com over Mavenlink?

Get all the advanced features you need at a fraction of the cost

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