Project management glossary for agencies

Explore all the common project management terms relevant to agencies in an easy-to-reference guide.

A - D

Advertising budget

Learn what an advertising budget is and how to intelligently determine one for your agency.

Agency account management

Learn what agency account management is, what an account manager does, and how account managers can ensure top-level client services.

Agency collaboration

Learn what agency collaboration is and a few tips for fostering successful relationships and boosting team productivity.

Agency fees

Learn what agency fee structures are and the different types of pricing models agencies use.

Agency management

Learn what agency management is and the essential elements of managing a top-notch organization.

Agency operations

Explore the critical importance of agency operations. Understand its impact and elevate your business strategy.

Agency profitability

Learn about accurately calculating profitability, empowering agencies to gauge their financial health and drive sustainable growth.

Agency profit margin

Understanding how to calculate an agency’s profit margin is critical for managing and measuring financial efficiency. Learn how to calculate it here.

Agency retainer

Learn what an agency retainer is, the different types, and how to set it up with clients.

Agency workflow

Explore agency workflows in project management, their creation steps, and the significance of platforms like in optimizing processes.

Agile environment

Discover what an Agile environment is and how it benefits teams who adopt the Agile project management framework.

Agile methodology

Learn the definition of an Agile methodology as well as how it differs from traditional project management approaches.

Agile sprint

Get the breakdown on Agile sprints, how long they should be, and the four stages of the sprint cycle.

Agile team

Learn what an Agile team is and what sets this type of team apart from others.



Understand what a project baseline is and how it helps teams better execute the workflows in their project plan.

Budget at completion

Learn what budget at completion (BAC) is and 3 methods of calculating it for your agency.


Capacity in project management

Learn what capacity planning is in the context of project management, how it differs from resource planning, and the steps to its process.

Capacity management

Learn what capacity management is and the process involved to make sure your agency utilizes its resources intelligently.

Capacity planning

Understand what capacity planning is, the types of strategies, and its importance in agency work.

Client brief

Discover what a client brief is and the steps for writing one with an example.

Contingency plan

Understand what a contingency plan is, how it fits into your risk management strategy, and the steps for creating one.

Cost benefit analysis

Learn what a cost-benefit analysis is and the steps necessary for your agency to conduct one.

Cost control

Learn what cost control is and what this process entails in agency project management.

Cost estimation

Discover what cost estimation is in agency project management and the key components to know in the process.

Cost variance

Learn what cost variance is in agency project management, along with its formula and an example.

Critical path

Learn what the critical path is in project management and how to identify it for your agency.



Understand what a deliverable is in project management. Learn the various types and how can help you manage deliverables more efficiently than ever.


earn what a dependency is, why it is important to manage, and the different types in agency project management.

E - I

Effort estimation

Learn what effort estimation is in project management, how it applies to the Agile framework, and methods for execution.

Expert judgment

Discover what expert judgment is, who the experts can be, and how to utilize expert judgment for your projects.


Forecast project management

Discover what forecasting is in agency project management, along with the right metrics to track.


Goals of project management

Learn how to set the right project management goals for your agency and discover a few examples to emulate.

Governance in project management

Discover the concept of governance in agency project management and delve into its essential components for effective implementation.


High level requirements

Explore the significance of high-level requirements in project management, understand their role, and gain insights through practical examples.


Incremental approach

Discover the incremental approach, its distinctions, and its seamless integration with the iterative methodology in this guide.

Issue log

Uncover the significance of an issue log in agency project management, and grasp the crucial elements that constitute a comprehensive and effective issue tracking system.

J - M

Job cost variance

Job cost variance is crucial for project management and financial analysis, helping businesses monitor budgets, spot inefficiencies, and guide decisions.


Kanban vs Scrumban

Kanban and Scrumban are project management methodologies your agency can use to optimize workflows. Learn the differences here.


Lean project management

Discover the power of lean project management, its fundamental principles, and how to execute projects successfully using this methodology.


Marketing agency pricing

Wondering where to set your pricing at your marketing agency? Here’s what different types of marketing agencies can charge for their services.


Explore the importance of project milestones, and gain insights from practical examples that showcase their role in successful project delivery.

N - R

Net present value

Learn what net present value is and why it is important for agencies to calculate.


Phases of project management

Explore the key phases of project management crucial for agencies producing client work.

Planning in project management

Delve into the essence of planning in agency project management. Discover key steps for meticulous planning and seamless project execution with

Project budget tracking

Explore the essence of project budget tracking in agency management. Uncover the steps to establish a project budget and the pivotal role of management software.

Project charter

Dive into the essentials of a project charter in agency management. Explore its definition, creation process, and a practical example.

Project management communication

Dive into the essentials of project management communication, from its definition to creating a plan, and the benefits of using for clarity.

Project management processes

Explore the intricacies of project management processes and styles, and discover how optimizes these methodologies for agency project success.


Quality in project management

Explore the nuances of quality in agency project management. Learn the pivotal role of quality assurance and the distinction between QA and QC.


Rate card

Discover what a rate card is in the agency context, its significance, and view a sample rate card for a digital marketing agency.

Resource allocation

Understand resource allocation in agency project management: its definition, significance, and the key elements ensuring efficient project delivery.

Resource forecasting

Learn the nuances of resource forecasting in agency project management and how it differs from resource planning.

Resource loading

Learn the definition of resource loading in agency project management, factors influencing it, and steps for calculation.

Resource management

Discover the essentials of resource management in agency project management. Learn how structured planning and the right tools, lead to project success.


Learn the significance of project roadmaps in agency management. Explore key components that shape successful roadmaps with the aid of

S - V

Scope creep

Understand scope creep in agency project management: its definition, real-world examples, and essential tips for prevention and management.

SLA project management

Explore the definition of service level agreements in agency project management, understand different SLA types, and discover the key elements.


Explore stakeholder definitions in agency project management, differentiate between types, and discover how streamlines stakeholder relations.

Statement of work

Learn the importance of a statement of work in agency project management, what it should include, and an example for agencies.


Technical project management

Understand the significance of technical project management and the necessary expertise for successful project execution.

Time management

Discover the significance of time management in project management and the essential processes involved.


Utilization rate

Learn the importance of the resource utilization rate, how to calculate it for your agency, and what a good utilization rate looks like.


Value based pricing

Learn what value-based pricing is, its benefits, and how to develop an effective value-based pricing strategy.

W - Z

Work breakdown structure

Explore the essentials of work breakdown structures in agency project management, their components, and steps to create one with

Work package

Explore the definition of work packages in agency project management, their role in the WBS, and how optimizes their execution.