Compare and Asana: Feature-for-feature

How do we stack up? Asana helps you manage a list of to-dos. helps you manage every aspect of your team and client work. (For 25% less per user/per month.)
Grow Plan
$19.99 per user/month
$24.99 per user/ month
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Basic project management
Can't assign tasks to more than one person
Basic time tracking
Available on all plans
Only available on Business & Enterprise
Advanced time tracking
Track and manage time from sub-tasks through entire projects. Log time, use built-in timers, or use timesheets.
Time budgets
Skip configuring custom fields: create a budget at the start of every project and track hours spent against it
Financial budgets
Based on rates and billable time
Split your budget across groups of tasks and see the breakdown at a task list level
Track fixed and one-off expenses
Add fixed costs, one-off fees, and ancillaries to your project budget.
Billable and cost rates
Set hourly rates for individual team members
Native feature
Custom field solution
Billing and invoicing
Workload management
Day-to-day capacity planning
Can't set unavailable time
Resource scheduling
Forecast and plan resources for future projects months, quarters or years in advance.
Time reports
View the split of billable, non-billable, and billed time to achieve your ideal ratio.
Project health reports
Specific to budget and time tracking. Gives a view across all projects of time left, remaining budget, and task completion percentage.
Profitability reports
See financial performance by project or team member and compare it against your budget.
Utilization reports
Check how your team's time is currently being distributed based on their estimated and actual utilization.
Create automations
Streamline your most repetitive, manual work by automating time-consuming tasks and creating unique workflows that work for you.
Called rules
Project tags
Use project tags to manage and organize your projects so they are easier to search and report on.
Intake forms
Custom branding
Custom domain with SSL
Phone, live chat, and email support
Unlimited but 100MB per file
Add client companies to Teamwork. Create companies to group individual users and projects on your site.
Group users together into teams and sub-teams so you can assign work at a team level and communicate more effectively.
Company level teams
Create teams that are associated with a specific company. The Asana alternative that helps you manage complex projects

  • Go beyond simple task management: create intricate dependencies, assign tasks to more than one person, and set project-level tags

  • Budget your team’s time and money with in-app time tracking, invoicing, workload capacity management, and more

  • Give clients and freelancers the access they need: add unlimited companies and guests for free and set custom access permissions

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Brooke Fremeau
Traffic & Resource Manager
Yellow Duck Marketing is a perfect fit for our agency
“We had previously worked with Asana, Workfront and Basecamp… but nothing was a perfect fit for the agency. is more cost effective and from an implementation standpoint it was the easiest.”

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Everything you need to get your work done

The right features at the right price


In Asana, dependencies are hard to review. And the business plan is 25% more expensive per user. is built for complex project management. All the core features you need – like time tracking, workload capacity estimation and time budgeting, and assigning more than one person per task– are here. And they’re included in your plan.

Full visibility into what’s coming next


Asana doesn't have a public-facing roadmap, which can lead to confusion around development timelines and when new features will be released.’s feature roadmap is public. You know what we know: what features we’re working on, what’s in the pipeline, and what’s available for early access. (It’s all here.) Plus, development is prioritized based on your needs.

Built to scale with you


Asana’s only growth options are external add-ons. Once you push your plan to its limits, there’s no room left for growth. Even the enterprise tier doesn’t offer much beyond extra security and custom goal setting. is designed to grow with you. We understand that project management is about more than timelines and check boxes. That’s why we built stand-alone applications like desk, chat, and spaces that you can integrate into your process as you grow.

Now that you’ve seen the features, how do Asana and's plans compare?

If you’re looking for a simple task management solution, Asana has you covered. But most client facing businesses need more than that. You need an easy way to track time, create invoices, set project time budgets, or add your client’s entire company to your project management. That’s what brings to the table.

FREE plan


Starter plan


$9.99 per user

Everything you need to start including intake forms, time tracking, invoicing, unlimited client users, and — of course — all key project management features like Gantt charts and dashboards.



$10.99 per user 

Manage team projects with unlimited dashboards, forms, task templates, milestones and more.

Mid plan


$19.99 per user

The extras larger agencies need: workload resource management, resource scheduling, project time budgets, utilization reports, 2FA security features, and more.



$24.99 per user

Manage cross-company projects with portfolios, workload, approvals and custom rules.

Large plans


Custom plan for large agencies. 

Includes agency growth-specific features like profitability reporting, advanced resource scheduling, and unlimited financial budgets. 



Custom plan for large businesses.

Includes goal setting, workflows, universal reporting and extra security features.

How 10Up gets client work done with doesn’t just help you effortlessly run complex projects: it makes managing your clients easier too. Instead of getting stuck in endless back-and-forths, you can just add your client’s whole team to your project. But don’t take our word on it.

“With 95% of our clients, we can simply introduce our tool and demonstrate how we use it. Then, just like that, we’re ready to collaborate.”
Christina Siegler 10Up

Don’t just take our word for it

Trust Radius

Trusted by 20,000 companies

We used Monday…then Google Sheets because it was simpler, then Airtable… Then we went to, because we needed to reconcile time tracked to the work itself which none of our other tools do. I needed to know how long someone spent on what task: not just what project or client

Andrew Husted
VP, Full Spectrum Marketing Agency

Only one of these options was custom-built for client work

Asana, on the other hand, was built for checking off tasks. It doesn’t have the depth and breadth of features to manage complex projects or handle intense client work.

Wait, can I really manage ALL my client work in

Yes. That’s exactly what was built for. You can manage projects, track time, run billing and invoicing, forecast budgets, handle complex scheduling and resource allocation, and so much more. In short, if your clients need it, we’ve got it.

“ is the first project management tool that I've been able to get clients to actually use with me. I've tried Asana and Trello, and clients just ignored them.”
Rochelle Broder Singer President/Chief Word Wrangler
Can help us automate recurring tasks?

Yes! You can automate thousands of actions: from using templates, to creating forms and setting up custom rules. Our automations are flexible, easy to use, and will save you a lot of work. 

“ automatically schedules and assigns all the tasks working backward from the date of the presentation. It’s like having a built-in assistant that remembers all of my preferences and due dates for any project.”
Jay Baer Founder Convince & Convert

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