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88% Monthly Traffic Growth & Outranking Amazon (SEO Case Study)

Going up against big competitors in your industry, like Outlook India for Affiliate sites, Amazon for eCommerce sites or Wikipedia for informational queries, isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. With careful content optimization, following the right UX best practices and building authority with quality backlinks, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what we did with our client’s rankings. In this case study, you’ll learn exactly how my team at The Search Initiative increased our client’s organic traffic from 72.4k to 136.4k sessions in under a year – and outranking the likes of Amazon for important keywords. Read More


How to Grow Traffic by 368% (Market Disruption Case Study)

Whether you’re starting out from scratch or growing your existing brand’s organic search presence, there’s nothing stopping you from disrupting the search results pages of your industry one step at a time. The key to doing this is keyword selection. Combine this with killer, shareable content and a solid link building strategy, and you’re well on your way to boosting your organic traffic. In this case study, you’ll learn exactly how my team at The Search Initiative increased our client’s organic traffic by 368% and monthly revenue by 445% despite their industry being dominated by a big competitor. Read More


How to Grow Traffic by 60.99% & SEO Topical Authority (Case Study)

Whether you’re working on a brand new website, or building your existing site’s organic presence, it’s important to showcase your topical authority to both Google and your audience. They want to see that the information you provide, or the products that you sell, are of great quality and are coming from a credible source. That’s why it’s essential to present yourself as an authority through your content and your backlink profile. Read More


How to Grow Organic Traffic by 131% With Cold Email (Case Study)

Cold email outreach is still widely used for link building. However, the conversion rates have decreased drastically as many link builders utilized cold outreach the wrong way. Spending time on prospecting, finding email addresses, crafting email copy, and sending emails just to receive a couple of responses is very frustrating. So, what can you do to increase response rates, and get those high DR links? Below, you’ll find out the cold email outreach strategy that landed us more than 1,500 backlinks with an average domain rating (DR) of 68. Discover the tactics you can replicate and get featured in HubSpot, Ahrefs, G2, Zapier, and many other high-authority websites. The goal of this case study is to share tips that you can use in your cold email campaigns to get higher conversion rates. Read More

How To Grow Traffic 90.97 With A Custom SEO Plan

How To Grow Traffic 90.97% With A Custom SEO Plan (Case Study)

If you aren’t keeping every aspect of your website’s SEO performance in tip-top shape, you’ll struggle to see much organic growth. Every SEO campaign is different – some websites require more focus on just one or two of the core components of SEO (content, backlinks, and technical factors) whereas others may require optimization and improvements across the board. These SEO issues can be discovered by carrying out an SEO audit of your website which can uncover a whole range of action points that need to be addressed. That’s why it’s always essential to audit, analyze and optimize what’s already on your site. In this case study, you’ll learn the exact steps that my team at The Search Initiative took to increase our client’s organic traffic by 90.97%. In this article, you’ll learn how to: Before that, let’s find out a bit more about the website’s goals and the main challenges faced during the campaign. Read More

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How To Increase Traffic By 96% (SEO Case Study)

Regardless of your website’s size, the keys to a successful SEO campaign are (on-page), links (off-page), and technical factors. Your content acts like the body of a race car, and it’s referring backlinks like race fuel. The technical factors act like the nuts and bolts allowing everything else to perform at its best. If you miss either of these then your website will struggle to rank much like a race car struggling to get down the track. In this case study, you’ll learn the exact steps that my team at The Search Initiative took to increase our client’s organic traffic by 96%. You will get a crash course in the three pillars of SEO (on-page, off-page, and technical factors) through the lens of this case study. In this article, you’ll learn how to: Before getting into the details of the strategy, here’s some important information about the website’s goals and the main challenges that were faced. Read More

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Doubling Organic Traffic (YMYL SEO Case Study)

Over the past few years, Google has focused on ranking pages based on the authority, relevance and trust conveyed by a website’s content and backlinks. That being said, increasing a website’s authority, relevance and trust has become more difficult than ever before. If you have concerns that your site is falling behind your competition when it comes to these three factors, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined in this case study. Below, you’ll find how my team at The Search Initiative more than doubled our client’s organic traffic. You’ll learn how to: But, before you implement the strategy used, it’s important you know the site’s background, goals, and the main challenges that you’ll need to overcome as well. Read More

2x Monthly Traffic Within 6 Months Featured Image

How to Double Monthly Traffic Within Six Months – [eCommerce 2023 Case Study]

Do you have an eCommerce website with hundreds of category pages and thousands of product pages? Learn how to grow your organic Google traffic in this follow along case study. I’ll guide you step-by-step so you can learn the same tactics that my team at The Search Initiative used to double our client’s organic traffic on their eCommerce sneaker website within six months. Read More


What a Data Dump From Empire Flippers Told Us About the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

As a seasoned affiliate marketer and founder of several successful niche websites, I understand the challenges that come with choosing the right niche for your affiliate marketing business. That’s why I was excited to partner with Empire Flippers to conduct a comprehensive data study on more than 300 affiliates, display advertising, and Amazon associate sites sold since 2019. We’ve broken down this data to give you some niche ideas and help you choose the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches for your 1st or 50th site. We’ll start by using the data to highlight the most important findings. Then we’ll take an eagle-eyed view of how all the sites in our study handle content, links, and time spent. Finally, we’ll reveal and analyze our favorite niches for affiliate marketing (in our opinion). Read More